OXAIR are a leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land based use, including:

Oxair Advantages

Lower Power Design Lower Power Design

Lower Power Design

Standard on Models up to 5 ton day.

Oxair has developed a lower power PSA Cycle time and Bed Design to reduce Power consumption.

Noise Control Noise Control

Noise Control

Oxair’s Propriety Muffler design reduces depressurisation noise levels to very low levels.

Control Systems Control Systems

Control Systems

Oxair control systems are designed to protect the investment of the purchaser under all operating conditions.

Valving Systems Valving Systems

Valving Systems

Low Maintenance High Reliability

Actuated Process Butterfly Valves created from 316 S/Steel.

Long life actuators are guaranteed 4 million cycles before maintenance.

Skid deisgn allows for smaller footprint and a simpler installation.

Pressure Control Pressure Control

Pressure Control

Due to the Oxair Valving system and combination of a back Pressure Regulator the Pressure drop during changeover on an Oxair Dryer is very minimal.

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Oxair Gas Systems Pty Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified company specialising in the design and Manufacture of On–Site Gas Generation Systems.

Oxair is a world leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land-based use including:

Our Designs are focussed on, Customer requirements, Reliability, Ease of Maintenance, Safety, and Plant Self Protection.

Oxair Gas Systems can supply the right solution for the supply of an On – Site Gas Generating system to suit any requirement, and budget in a very reliable package to remove your reliance on expensive delivered gases.

Oxair also manufactures Filtration and Dryers to 500 psig (35 bar) and up to 10,000 scfm (283m3/min). View our Pressure vessel filters and Desiccant air dryers for more information.

Oxair Gas Systems is based in Perth, Western Australia and can supply and install gas generation systems in Australia and throughout the world. For a professional service using qualified and expert staff call us today.

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