Pressure Vessel Filters and Water Separators

We are a leading manufacturer of pressure vessel type filters and water separators for dealing with moisture and oil overflow in a compressed air stream, a situation which can irreparably damage plant and equipment.

Flow rates
This is why we specialise in air treatment packages to suit any application. Our Oxair filtration packages are designed incorporating a heavy duty AS 1210 or ASME V111 pressure vessel housing.

Flow rates range from 500 scfm to 10,000 scfm with operating pressure from 7 barg to 35 barg (100 PSIG to 500 PSIG).

Each of our pressure vessel filters has a large, swing down flange for easy access for element change, internal painting to reduce corrosion, water separators of 316 SS standard and a lifting lug for easier placement. The maximum operating temperature of the filter is 100°c, but higher temperatures are available on request.

Oxair can design a full Air Treatment Package to suit your needs.

Key features
Each filter has:

• Large, swing down flange for easier access for element change
• Internal painting to reduce corrosion
• Water separators are 316 SS
• Differential pressure gauge


• Alarm contacts for high differential pressure
• Lifting lug for easier placement
• Maximum operating temperature of filter is 100°c
• Higher temperatures available on request

Oxair can design a full Air Treatment Package to suit your needs