Desiccant Air Dryers

A typical Oxair desiccant air dryer pays for itself in less than a year by reducing and eliminating maintenance costs and downtime, making your operation more productive.

The desiccant air dryers are suitable for a variety of industrial sectors, including food, beverage and pharmaceutical.

How it works
Dry air keeps pneumatic equipment running at peak efficiency and extends the service life of air tools, motors and cylinders. How does it do this? By passing compressed air through a pressure vessel with two ‘towers’ filled with an alumina desiccant bed. This is the material that adsorbs water from the compressed air and the bed becomes saturated and is regenerated in the next cycle.

The dryer is timed to switch towers based on a standard timing cycle. During the drying cycle some compressed air from the system is used to ‘purge/dry the depressurised desiccant offline bed.

As long as the compressed air isn’t exposed to temperatures below the air temperature that was dried in the desiccant air dryer (the dew point temperature), this prevents troublesome liquid from forming in downstream air lines and equipment.

Electric and pneumatic formats
Oxair’s desiccant air dryers are available in both electric and pneumatic control formats. We also offer conversions on your own air-drying equipment. Our systems are PLC controlled with reliable HMI touch screen.

Air flows can be achieved from 100 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM, with pressures from 100 psi to 500 psi.

Certified lifting frames are available as well as the multi stage filtration system for maximum protection. We offer AS-1210 or ASME V111 stamped pressure valves and the system has a super quiet muffler for noise control.

Easy to use
Designed for consistent pressure dew points, -40°C to -60°C, Oxair’s desiccant air dryers eliminate water and freezing ice in low ambient temperatures. The system comes completely assembled, piped and wired with a full charge of activated alumina desiccant. The only thing that you need to do for operation is to hook the system up to the utilities.

Key features
Oxair Desiccant Air Dryers:

• Electric or pneumatic control systems available
• Electric to pneumatic control system conversions available on customer equipment
• PLC control with reliable HMI touch screen
Flows from 100 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM
• 100 psi to 500 psi available
• Certified lifting frames available
• Multi stage filtration system
• Designed for consistent-pressure dew points -40°C to -60°C
• Eliminate water and freeze-up in low ambient temperatures
• Comes completely assembled, piped and wired, with a full charge of activated alumina desiccant
• Hook-up utilities for operation
• AS-1210 or ASME V111 stamped pressure vessels available
• Comes with a super quiet muffler (Oxair Noise Control)

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High Pressure Desiccant Air Dryers with either a vertical compressor or horizontal compressor, both of which are ideal for pipeline maintenance and other offshore industries.