Nitrogen for Tyres

Nitrogen for Tyres


If you’re using large heavy-duty trucks in mining, or other rugged business quests like construction, or high-risk activities like motor racing or flying jets, it’s imperative that tyres are inflated with nitrogen. Why? To reduce the risk of critical air leaks when the vehicle’s tyres are under their maximum duress.

Why use nitrogen for tyres?
Put simply, nitrogen’s composition makes it leak resistant. This is because nitrogen molecules find it harder to escape through the tyre’s rubber molecules, which is why it’s an excellent choice for vehicles and heavy-duty equipment where precise or constant pressure is critical.

Nitrogen is also more resistant to heat build-up and reduces the risks from potential freezing at high altitudes, where tyres may be difficult to change or service due to the remoteness of the location or application, for example.

Critical applications

In addition, unlike compressed air, nitrogen is an inert gas that doesn’t react with other materials. So, it’s resistant to corrosion, providing an extra tier of safety where critical applications are involved.

Using bottled nitrogen is costly and, for more remote locations, can be difficult and expensive to transport, which can prohibit its use. This is where Oxair’s solutions can really help your business.

Choose Oxair nitrogen tyres for minimum maintenance

At Oxair we manufacture nitrogen plants for the tyre industry which are cheap to run and, once installed, require minimum maintenance. You can choose from a range of options – from standard generators to bespoke solutions – at between 95% and 99.99% nitrogen purity.

Our Oxair nitrogen generators are built to last and are operator friendly, which means minimal maintenance and labour interaction. On the smaller Oxair systems the process valves will last between 6 and 8 years before needing maintenance. Whereas on the larger systems the actuators can withstand 4 million cycles before requiring maintenance.

The nitrogen generators are efficient and compact, making them the ideal solution for tyre depots, motor racing establishments, airlines, garages, mining and construction sites.

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