Carbon Adsorption Towers

Oxair’s Carbon Adsorption Tower has a single pressure vessel fitted with a special Activated Carbon adsorbent for pollution control. It removes impurities, such as oil and oil vapour, from a compressed air stream in a variety of industries.

Our carbon adsorption towers are primarily used to reduce oil vapour in compressed air to very low concentrations. However, other hydrocarbon vapours normally absorbable by activated carbon are also removeable.

How it Works

Compressed air enters the bottom of the carbon/coal tower and flows upward through the bed and exits out of the top.

Easy Maintenance Carbon Adsorption Towers

Separate fill and drain points are incorporated in Oxair’s carbon absorption towers to facilitate easy replacement of the carbon, with no piping to disconnect. The life of the carbon is usually a minimum of three years under constant operation.


Carbon Adsorption Towers:
• The Oxair Carbon Adsorption Tower consists of a single tower (pressure vessel) filled with a special Activated Carbon adsorbent
• The large beds ensure sufficient contact time to produce the outlet concentrations as desired.
• Separate fill and drain ports for ease of carbon replacement
• No piping to disconnect
• Stainless Steel screens and screen diffusers (top and bottom)
• Life of Carbon is usually a minimum 3 years under constant operation