Nitrogen for Wineries

Wineries need to protect their wine from oxidation. Oxair’s nitrogen generators are an efficient and cost-effective way to eliminate the threat of oxygen coming into contact during the winemaking process so preserving the quality of the wine.

The best possible taste
Oxidation is the rancid, vinegar-like taste which occurs when a bottle of wine has been left open and unfinished for several days. Oxair’s nitrogen technology ensures the product leaves the winery in the best possible condition and tastes as intended when first opened. Using the gas squeezes oxygen out of the entire production process from fermentation to bottling and storage.

Having nitrogen on tap gives wineries flexibility as well as cost benefits, allowing producers to turn supplies on and off as and when required. This means they can accommodate seasonal or fluctuating production schedules.

kegs in a winery  lady inspecting wine bottle on production line

World class solutions
Oxair’s nitrogen generating solutions are tailor-made for wine producers anywhere in the world. We have installations in the Middle East, Papua New Guinea, Australia and India as well as on board ships. We can adapt to the client’s needs and process demands with the backing from Air products for technology and specification.

Suitable for nitrogen sparging, nitrogen flushing, nitrogen blanketing and/or nitrogen dispensing, process temperature control makes Oxair’s Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) generators very stable. PSA technology ensures reliable supplies of pure nitrogen, while a compact, robust design makes the equipment ideal where factory space is limited.

Oxair’s self-contained nitrogen membrane systems also meet the needs of large-volume users. Flexible, cost-effective and cheaper to run compared to liquid nitrogen tanks, our high-flow membrane nitrogen systems (link to how nitrogen membranes work) are up and running within minutes of installation. Along with a quick start-up they offer a smaller footprint and minimise power consumption.

Customer satisfaction
Oxair’s nitrogen solutions can really help your business, whether producing expensive wine or value wines in developing countries.

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Switching to a nitrogen generator is an efficient and cheaper way to ensure wines from the cellar meet customer expectations without the need for expensive gas company contracts. Nitrogen generators are safe, reliable, easy to operate and never run out of nitrogen. n

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