Mist Eliminators

Industrial Applications

Oxair supplies mist eliminators which are very large, coalescing type of removal filter or Horizontal SS Pads designed to remove oil and water from a compressed air system often found in large manufacturing applications such as oil and gas, chemicals, pulp and paper, plastics, asphalt and other related industries.

How Mist Eliminators Work

Now for the clever stuff. For an explanation of how they work click How Mist Eliminators Work

Build Quality

Oxair mist eliminators are highly engineered equipment housed in a heavy duty AS-1210 or ASME V111 stamped pressure vessel with a loosely packed glass fibre filter cartridge or stainless steel mist eliminator pad. They are packed full of great features and offer a low-cost solution to the problem of removing oil and water droplets from a compressed air system.

They are designed to remove oil and water of 100% particles five microns and larger, from pressures of 100 psi to 500 psi. While also ensuring extremely low pressure drop 1 psi (0.07) bar through the life of the element.

Designed with long element life, we are confident that they will give years of trouble-free service and provide a fast payback on outlay.

To ensure peace of mind why not invest in Oxair’s Separator Failure Protection kit for eliminators. Sized correctly, it will safeguard your air system from large oil slugs caused by a catastrophic compressor oil separator failure.


The Oxair Mist Eliminator:
• Highly Engineered, loosely packed, Glass FibreFilter Cartridge or SS Pads
• Housed in a heavy duty AS-1210 or ASME V111 Stamped pressure vessel
• Flow from 100 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM
• 100 psi to 500 psi available
• Removes Oil and Water Aerosols and 100% particles 5 microns and larger
• Long – Element life
• Low – Pressure drop 1 psi, (0.07) bar through the life of the element
• Mist Eliminators offer a low cost way to remove oil and water aerosols from a compressed air system
• Will gives years of trouble free service before element change out

How Mist Eliminators Work