Low Cost Nitrogen Membrane Systems

If you are looking for nitrogen membrane systems that can help with small to medium use and higher cost nitrogen applications, we have a low-cost solution that’s perfect for you.

Our low-cost nitrogen membrane systems are ideal for many companies, particularly pharmaceutical businesses, with multiple nitrogen uses and purity demands for lab and production purposes.

How nitrogen membranes work
Now for the clever stuff. For an explanation of the process click How Nitrogen Membranes Work

Cost savings and safety
Our low-cost nitrogen membrane systems offer fast payback for manufacturers requiring higher volume of nitrogen. Typically for blanketing, inerting and sparging.

Oxair systems are simple to install, easy to operate and can run off your company’s own air supply. An oxygen analyser is an optional extra for this equipment, but it does include a filtration and feed air dryer.

Featuring a compact SS Cabinet, our system offers a small footprint for space limited areas, has flow rates from .05 m³/hr and includes either a 1.1kW or 2.2kW phase compressor. Fully self- contained, it only requires a power and nitrogen connection. It includes Filtration and Feed Air Dryer, while an oxygen analyser is optional.

Other cost-saving features of Oxair’s membrane systems include, automatic shutdown/standby during low demand and instant nitrogen generation upon connection to an air supply. The equipment’s simple design with few moving parts means easy operation, minimal maintenance and maximum reliability.

This Oxair technology also meets all regulatory requirements. It’s already operating in a wide range of industries around the world, providing a rapid flow of high purity nitrogen as a safe and effective alternative to cylinders and tanks.

Key features
• SS cabinet
• Small footprint
• Flow rates from .05 m3/hr
• System includes either 1.1 kW or 2.2kW single phase compressor
• Fully self-contained
• Only requires power and nitrogen connection
• Includes filtration and feed air dryer
• Oxygen analyser (optional)