Specialised Membrane Systems

Specialist Design

At Oxair Gas Systems we know that flexibility is key for companies needing nitrogen membrane technology, which is why Oxair’s engineering team can design a specialised membrane to suit your application.

Membrane systems feature specially-engineered separation modules containing hollow fibre membranes that selectively remove oxygen, water vapour and carbon dioxide from compressed air in an efficient process for producing nitrogen.

How Nitrogen Membranes Work

Now for the clever stuff – for an explanation of the process click How Nitrogen Membranes Work

Cost Savings

Our specialised nitrogen membrane systems offer fast payback for companies requiring higher volume of nitrogen, typically for blanketing, inerting and sparging. Oxair’s systems are simple to install, easy to operate and can work off a customer’s own air supply.

Hollow fibre membrane systems are weather proof and can be customised for operations requiring variable purity control, such as off shore applications and harsh marine environments. Oxair’s specialised systems offer small to large nitrogen flow rates, with operating pressures of 7 to 24 Bar (100 – 350 PSIG).

Future Proofing

Oxair’s nitrogen membranes offer robust control systems. An Oxygen Analyser is fitted as standard for the measurement of oxygen, which makes it ideal for heavy duty industrial applications. This nitrogen system is also perfect if you have future expansion plans in mind, as more membranes can be added at a later date to increase the flow of nitrogen.

Designed to provide a highly reliable source of nitrogen which can eliminate the inconvenience and cost of shipping in conventional supply methods, such as cylinders and tanks, Oxair’s technology is cleverly designed for flexibility, easy operation and maximum efficiency.


• Simple Installation
• Weather proof
• Future expansion capability in mind
• Just add more membranes at a later date to increase flow
• Variable Purity control (Standard)
• Oxygen Analyser (Standard)
• System Self Protection (Standard)
• Robust Control System (Standard)
• Fast Start up to deliver in spec nitrogen in minutes
• System will deliver constant Purity and Flow within minutes of cold start up
• From existing Plant Air supply or Dedicated Air supply