Oxair Gas Systems Philippines

Oxair Gas Systems Philippines


Oxair remains the Philippines’ premium source of medical oxygen systems, supplied to hospitals throughout the country through our long-standing partnership with Cebu-based Brilliant Metal Craft (BMC).


The benefits

Now, instead of having to rely on shipments of oxygen cylinders arriving by barge, hospitals in the Philippines can benefit from oxygen on tap, enabling them to be self-sufficient by generating the purest of oxygen for years to come. BMC carries out the installation of piping in hospitals, meaning a constant supply of oxygen irrespective of weather conditions causing transport problems or power outages.

High purity oxygen is essential for the health and safety of patients and staff alike. Our generating systems deliver constant oxygen of 94-95% purity through PSA filtration, a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank to be piped directly into hospital wards on demand.
Our systems are cost-effective compared with the outlay involved in the shipping, handling and removal of oxygen cylinders.



Unlike many competitors, Oxair’s Medical Oxygen Generators are registered medical devices under ISO 13485, making them fully compliant for use in all hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as being compliant to ISO10083, the standard for medical oxygen concentrators/generators.

Manufactured to the highest standards, Oxair’s systems offer greater security, safety and reliability than uncertified devices.


Key features

Every Oxair medical oxygen PSA includes:


  • High quality parts for less maintenance and guaranteed performance
  • Continuous monitoring of on-stream oxygen to ensure uninterrupted supply
  • Consistent, high purity oxygen
  • Automatic operation – no extensive technical training required
  • Lower power and air consumption than comparative systems
  • User friendly full colour touch screen HMI
  • Full diagnostic history


For information please visit: Brilliant Metal Craft & Machine Design.

(Contact: Kristina Dampor)