High Pressure Desiccant Air Dryers

Oxair supplies a wide range of high-pressure desiccant air dryers, which are ideal for pipeline maintenance and other offshore industries.

These dryers can operate at pressures of 7 bar – 150 PSIG, 24 bar – 350 PSIG and 35 bar – 500 PSIG. All equipment comes complete with a large inlet cooler, pneumatic fan motor, fan speed controller, high cycle valves and actuators.

All dryers are provided with Oxair’s in-house certified lifting frames, NATA certified lifting frames can be provided on request. Larger dryers can come within 20ft sea containers for ease of shipping.

High pressure desiccant air dryers are usually manufactured skid mounted inside a lifting frame, which can also be certified for offshore lift, as well as meet DNV and NATA standards. Alternatively, we can provide you with in-house certified lifting frame on request.

The technical advantages of Oxair’s high pressure desiccant air dryers include a choice of controls, either pneumatic in an SS Control Box, or by PLC, as well as a silencer. Desiccant dryers are usually very noisy during the depressurisation cycle, but we have the perfect solution for eliminating the noise in the unique style and design muffler.