Medical Oxygen Generators

Hospitals and medical facilities are dependent on safe and consistent delivery of the highest quality oxygen for patients. Oxair manufactures a cost-saving alternative to transporting this life-saving gas in conventional

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Gold Mining

Oxair manufactures oxygen generator equipment ideal for gold mining and related industries as it is a cost-effective, alternative solution to bulk liquid oxygen storage vessels for the process of grinding rock into slurry, which then leaves the gold behind for extraction.

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Oil & Gas

Oxair supplies nitrogen generating systems for oil and gas companies seeking a cost-effective, continuous source of nitrogen for flare control, compressor operation and black start processes or for purging pipe lines or gas plants.

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food industry oxair gas systems

Food Industry

Oxair offers nitrogen systems for preserving packaged food such as apples, vegetables and the gas flushing of meats to keep their colour by eliminating oxygen, a technique called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

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Water Treatment

Oxair has been developing oxygen generators for over 20 years and is a leading manufacturer of oxygen systems for efficiently removing pollutants from water treatment plants – injecting oxygen into water treatment plants improves sludge settling, lower sludge load, controls odours and improves treatment capacity.

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nitrogen for tyres

Nitrogen for Tyres

If you are using large heavy-duty trucks in mining or other rugged business quests like construction,or high-riskactivities like motor racing or flying jets, it is imperative that any tyres involved are inflated with nitrogen to reduce the risk from critical air leaks when the vehicle’s tyres are under maximum duress.

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Chemical & Biotech

Oxair supplies oxygen and nitrogen generating systems and related equipment to the chemical and biotech industries for companies that require a reliable and continuous source of gas for their operations.

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In addition to Oxair’s core international markets for oxygen and nitrogen systems, our manufacturing expertise extends to other industries and includes mist eliminators, desiccant air dryers, carbon adsorption towers, pressure vessels and skid fabrication and process piping for a huge variety of applications.

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Oxygen in Aquaculture

Fish farms can increase stocking densities and improve yields by up to one third by using Oxair’s Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen applications which introduce oxygen directly to fish tanks in its pure form.

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Symbol for nitrogen for wineries

Nitrogen for Wineries

Wineries need to protect their wine from oxidation. Oxair’s nitrogen generators are an efficient and cost-effective way to eliminate the threat of oxygen coming into contact during the winemaking process so preserving the quality of the wine.

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