Water Treatment

Oxair has been developing oxygen generators for over 20 years and is a leading manufacturer of oxygen systems for efficiently removing pollutants from water treatment plants – injecting oxygen into water treatment plants improves sludge settling, lower sludge load, controls odours and improves treatment capacity.

Our high-quality oxygen generators for water treatment provide dependable and efficient operation for waste water applications. Oxygen aids the destruction or removal of complex organic molecules, cyanides and phenols from chemical waste.

Oxair is also a leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessel Filters and Water Separators for Moisture and Oil carry over in a Compressed Air Steam which may irreparably damage plant and equipment.

We specialise in air treatment packages to suit any application. Oxair filtration packages are designed incorporating a heavy duty AS 1210 or ASME V111 Pressure Vessel housing. Flow Rates ranging from 500 scfm to 10,000 scfm. Operating Pressure from 7 barg to 35 barg (100 psig to 500 psig) is available.