Process Series Plants Oxygen PSA

Industrial Applications

Oxair’s Process Series generator, based on Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology, is designed for customers requiring medium to high oxygen flows with unattended operation in industries such as medical facilities, mining operations, petrochemical, chemical and oil and gas. Two process series generators can be installed as an alternative to a single Tonnage system.

Flow Rates

We supply process series plants from 45 to 3,000 SFCH of oxygen per hour.


This unique process separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then stored in a buffer tank and made available for the end user on demand. It eliminates residual wastage on un-consumed tanks and ensures clean and high-quality oxygen delivery free from rust, as most conventional tanks are made of carbon steel and prone to corrosion.

A Process Series generator using the PSA technique is manufactured by Oxair to the highest standards. As a result they have many built in features that are part and parcel of our equipment, such as high cycle process valves, an oxygen analyser, multi-stage filtration package to protect against moisture overflow and low power timing cycle.

Our PSA automated system offers safety advantages, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance bills. And eliminates the inconvenience and cost of shipping gas bottles, as it pipes this life saving gas where it is needed.

How PSA works

Now for the clever stuff. For an explanation of the PSA process click How Oxygen Generators Work


Process Series Plants still have:
• Same Reliable High Cycle Process valves as our Tonnage Plants
• Oxygen Analyser
• Multi Stage Filtration Package to protect against moisture carry over
• Low Power Timing Cycle