Medical Oxygen Generators

Hospitals and medical facilities rely on safe and consistent delivery of the highest quality oxygen for their patients.


Our gas systems ensure hospitals don’t have to handle unsanitary cylinders or rely on outsourced supplies. The systems we introduce enable medical facilities to become self-sufficient in generating the purest oxygen now and for many years to come. We can even provide on-site maintenance to keep everything running perfectly.


Oxygen purity

High purity oxygen is essential for the health and safety of both patients and employees. The Oxair system delivers constant oxygen purity of 94%–95% which is above the recommended standard of 93% +/-3%. PSA is a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered, before being stored in a buffer tank to use directly on demand.


Registered medical devices

Unlike many competitors, Oxair’s Medical Oxygen PSA offers you total peace of mind, as it’s a registered medical device under the ISO 13485 standard. This makes it fully compliant for use in all hospitals and healthcare facilities. Oxair’s systems offer quick payback, greater flexibility, reliability and security of supply.


Cost savings

PSA Oxygen can provide hospitals with huge cost savings and convenience. It eliminates residual wastage on unconsumed cylinders, meaning additional savings, and for patients it ensures clean and high-quality oxygen delivery free from rust, as most conventional tanks are made of carbon steel and can be prone to corrosion. A medical oxygen generator can pay for itself within two years.



Oxair’s Medical Oxygen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) automated systems offer safety advantages, lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance bills and eliminates the inconvenience and cost of shipping gas bottles, as it pipes this life saving gas where it is needed.


The Oxair Oxygen Generator for medical facilities can be engineered to integrate with any existing system, or designed from scratch. It reduces manpower handling oxygen cylinders, saves room space and is immediately available at the patient’s bedside through clever stainless-steel or copper piping.


We can supply a full turnkey solution, from compressor through to final oxygen outlets.

Other advantages of Oxair’s Medical Oxygen system include user friendly colour touch screen HMI, full diagnostic history, continuous monitoring of on-stream oxygen to ensure uninterrupted supply, consistent, high purity oxygen, automatic operation – no extensive technical training required – high quality parts for less maintenance and guaranteed performance and lower energy and air consumption than comparative systems.


PSA is recognised as the most popular method used for producing oxygen gas. Oxair’s technology future proofs hospitals against further regulatory requirements. It is suitable for small to medium-sized supplies for shipboard as well as land-based use and is one of the quietest PSA systems on the market.



An Oxair Medical Oxygen Generator can also be used to fill cylinders. We can also containerise Oxygen Generators for easy deployment, rather than fixed installations.