Gold Mining

Oxair manufactures oxygen generators for gold mining and related industries as it is a cost-effective, alternative solution to bulk liquid oxygen storage vessels for the process of grinding rock into slurry, which then leaves the gold behind for extraction.

Oxygen Tonnage Plants designed by Oxair are automated systems that will boost gold recovery by injecting oxygen into a gold leaching process, reduce cyanide consumption or eliminate the use of expensive Hydrogen Peroxide and greatly cut costs for gold mining operations by taking oxygen directly from the air.

Pure, dissolved oxygen, which can be generated by Oxair’s automated system installed on site, is essential for the extraction process in gold mining as it increases metal recovery, improves productivity and saves on energy

The process, which involves mined rock being ground up and then turned into a slurry by adding cyanide, oxygen and water before being fed through a carbon bed to extract the gold, is made more efficient by using highly purified generated oxygen.

This method improves the efficiency of the cyanide needed in the mining process and thus reduces the amount used, and because Oxair’s equipment takes in oxygen from the outside air, no expensive oxygen cylinders or trucked in liquid is required.

Proven worldwide, Oxair’s Oxygen Tonnage Plants are PLC controlled and are inclusive of an oxygen analyser. By providing low power consumption air separation technology, Oxair’s innovative equipment offers high purity oxygen suitable for gold mining and other related industrial sectors, making it a key component in keeping the mine as profitable as possible.

We also provide pre and post-sale training, service and support to ensure business continuity and protection of the equipment. Our certified technicians and engineers are ready with innovative and cost-effective solutions that will keep your business running at peak performance.