Food Industry

Oxair offers nitrogen generators for the food industry for preserving packaged food such as apples, vegetables and the gas flushing of meats to keep their colour by eliminating oxygen, a technique called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

Oxair’s Proprietary Nitrogen Membrane Generators or Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Generator Systems offer a highly-reliable, low-cost nitrogen supply alternative with savings for food companies of up to 50% over traditional supply modes.

The company has a variety of models available for the food industry that can be altered to suit each customer’s application requirements. Standard models offer high flow rates of nitrogen purities up to 99.99%.

Another reason that nitrogen gas is often used for food packaging is to provide a pressurised atmosphere that prevents package collapse. Using nitrogen in this way helps ensure that more delicate foods, such as chips and crackers, won’t get crushed in the bags where they’re stored.