Special Markets

In addition to Oxair’s core international markets for oxygen and nitrogen systems, our manufacturing expertise extends to other industries. It includes mist eliminators, desiccant air dryers, carbon adsorption towers, pressure vessels and skid fabrication and process piping for a huge variety of applications.


Solid solutions for any requirement and budget
We can deliver the right, cost-effective solution for the continuous supply of oxygen and nitrogen for any requirement and budget. Our packages are ideal for companies working in sectors including defence, laser cutting, heat treating, and inerting – such as reducing the volatility of air in an aircraft fuel tank – wineries and veterinary services.

Aquaculture, wine bottling and more…
For example, Oxair’s oxygen applications are ideal for aquaculture. These enable fish farms to dissolve this life-giving gas in any size tank so that farms can increase stocking densities. The fish are also healthier and taste better when they’re raised in an oxygen rich environment.

Nitrogen generators are also an efficient and cost-effective way to eliminate the threat of oxidation during wine production and bottling and to preserve the quality of the wine. Nitrogen generators replace the need for handling high pressure N2 cylinders and expensive gas company contracts. They are safe, reliable, easy to operate, never run out of nitrogen, and generate nitrogen gas as needed so they can accommodate seasonal or fluctuating production schedules.

Laser cutting mild or stainless steel with nitrogen gas leaves a much cleaner edge and does not affect paint adhesion in any way – better than oxygen assisted laser cutting when painting of the finished surface is needed.

Companies have for years used pure nitrogen to fill the tyres of high-pressure vehicles, including F1 racing cars and aircraft, primarily because it doesn’t support moisture or combustion. These include racing tyres for IndyCar, Formula 1 and NASCAR and commercial and military aircraft tyres, as well as and heavy-duty equipment tyres for earthmovers and mining equipment.

Oxair’s nitrogen applications can also be used to ensure a more humane method of mass euthanasia process for chickens. Nitrogen gas is a much better alternative to carbon dioxide.