Oil & Gas

Oxair supplies nitrogen generating systems for oil and gas companies seeking a cost-effective, continuous source of nitrogen for flare control, compressor operation and black start processes or for purging pipe lines on gas plants.

Nitrogen gas is also increasingly being used in oil and gas production for drilling, as well as injection for reservoir and wellbore pressure maintenance to eliminate the danger of downhole fires and explosions that can occur when air reacts with hydrocarbons in the wellbore or pay zone areas.

Oxair has a long affiliation with Air Products and has been building and selling nitrogen gas systems to the global oil and gas industry using Air Products’ technology for over 27 years. We are thrilled that Oxair is a key supplier to many world-class projects.

Nitrogen gas is odourless, non-polluting and non-reactive in nature, making it highly suitable for procedures such as pipeline inerting and oil well stimulation. Nitrogen is also excellent for offshore and refinery processes, pressure testing piping and process equipment, oil well applications, offshore and sea carriers, and other applications requiring an inert atmosphere.

Oxair’s designs are focused on meeting exacting customer requirements, reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and plant self-protection making it an ideal contract partner. It is a world leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land-based use to suit any requirement in the oil and gas industry.

In addition, Oxair is currently involved in the GOAL ZERO partnership forum with Shell and other partners, an initiative making interactions regarding key safety practices between all contractors as transparent as possible.