Oxygen in Aquaculture

Fish farms can increase stocking densities and improve yields by up to one third by using Oxair’s Pressure Swing Adsorption oxygen applications which introduce oxygen directly to fish tanks in its pure form.

Larger, Healthier Fish

Applying the same technology as that used in vital medical facilities, Oxair’s PSA gas generators enable much greater quantities of fish to be farmed in a comparatively small volume of water and cause the fish to grow larger as well. Fish farm installations have shown that, for every 1kg of oxygen pumped into the water, 1kg of fish growth results. Our generators are currently being used to farm salmon, eels, trout, prawns and snapper, among other varieties, at a global level.

Cost Savings

Oxair’s generators are cost-effective to run and compared with paddlewheel equipment they increase the partial pressure and natural saturation limit in the water by a factor of 4.8 compared to aeration with mere air. Aquacultures can make further savings as fish health and metabolism are improved, so less feed is needed. Salmon farmed in this way offer increased health benefits, containing three times the amount of essential fatty acids, as well as developing an improved flavour.

Quality Water, Quality Fish

As the quality of the water determines the quality of the fish, Oxair’s equipment can also be used to create the ozone needed in water recycling reactors to sterilise the used water – which is then treated with UV light before being recirculated into the tank.

Oxair’s designs are focused on meeting exacting customer requirements including reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and plant self-protection.

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