Pressure Vessels

Industrial Applications

Oxair specialises in the design, certification and fabrication of a wide range of high quality pressure vessels for the oil and gas and pipeline sectors, which the company manufactures under Australian Standard AS 1210 – 2010, American Code ASME Section V111 Div1 with “ASME U” stamp if required, Lloyds Survey and DNV Survey.


Oxair, is also a QA certified company under Australian New Zealand AS/ANZ ISO 9001: 2008. Oxair’s vessels are available in a variety of pressures including; standard 7 – 16 Barg, full vacuum, high pressure to 70 Barg (1000 PSIG), off standard and stainless steel build. We can also cater for customised designs.


Oxair specialises in the Design, Certification and Fabrication of a wide range of High Quality pressure vessels ranging in:

Standard Pressures 7 – 13 Bar
Pressures from Full Vacuum
High Pressure Vessels to 70 Bar ( 1000 PSIG)
Off Standard Pressure vessels
Special Designs
Stainless Steel Vessels
Oxair is certified and can manufacture Vessels under:

Australian Standard AS 1210 – 2010
American Code – ASME Section V111 Div1 with “ASME U” Stamp if required
Lloyds Survey
DNV Survey