Oxair’s Lower Power Design

Oxair’ has developed a lower power PSA Cycle time and Bed Design to reduce Power consumption.

Our unique Process Cycle is completely different to the standard PSA Cycle used by most other PSA Manufacturers.

The Oxair Lower Power Design is standard on Models up to 5 ton day. 

Using Oxair Proprietary Lower Power Design – Has 20% less Air Demand 


  • Lower Input Energy
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Lower Capital Cost
  • Smaller Feed Air Compressor
  • Small Feed Air Dryer due to smaller feed air compressor
  • Smaller Filtration due to Smaller Feed Air Compressor
  • Lower Maintenance Cost due to smaller compressor and filters.
  • Lower kw per m3 oxygen


Model OA 3500   =       3500 SCFH  or  99 m3/hr

The Oxair Oxygen PSA uses 550 scfm of air to produce 3500 SCFH of 90-92% Oxygen at 310 kPag

Feed Air Compressor Required                  =       110 kW

110 kW       ÷    99 m3/hr                 =        1.1 kW per m3     (31.8 scfh  per kw/hr)


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