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Air contains 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 0.9% Argon and 0.1% other trace gases. OXAIR Oxygen generators or generation systems separate this oxygen from Compressed Air through a unique process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA).

Pressure Swing Absorption is recognised as of the most popular methods used for production of oxygen gas.  The technique and technology is suitable for small to medium size production supplies with its use in the gold industry, fish farms, medical services and farming industries. The Oxair oxygen generators design offers a reduction in power consumption and is characterised for low energy consumption when compared to other manufactures. The fully reliable control system includes data collection with various outputs, communication links for the remote control options and diagnostic analysis.  Its proven design includes HMI Control with screen failure backup.

The high cycle process valves are premier performers with reliable and low maintenance, and being robust in extreme environments. The process has advanced noise control technology which results in an improved safety and environmental impact when compared to the competition.
The process
The Pressure Swing Adsorption process for the generation of enriched oxygen gas from ambient air utilises the ability of a synthetic Zeolite Molecular Sieve to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the Zeolite, Oxygen Gas is allowed to pass through as a product. As Compressed Air passes up through one of the Adsorbers, the molecular sieve selectively adsorbs the Nitrogen. This then allows the remaining Oxygen to pass on up through the Adsorber and exit as a product gas.

As the Absorber becomes saturated with Nitrogen the inlet airflow is switched to the second off line Adsorber. The first Adsorber is regenerated by desorbing nitrogen through De-Pressurisation and purging it with some of the product oxygen. This cycle is repeated and the pressure is continually swinging between a higher level at adsorption (Production) and a lower level at desorption (Regeneration).
OXAIR® excels as a leading supplier of PSA Oxygen Systems Worldwide Offering the most cost-effective, efficient and safest oxygen sources for today’s diverse oxygen.
OXAIR® STANDARD DESIGN – The OXAIR® Oxygen PSA Generator has as standard.

Lower Air Consumption
High Efficiency 4 – Stage Filtration Package
PLC Controller
Interactive HMI Full Colour touch screen
Compact Design
High Performance True Process Valves
Oxygen Pressure at 310 kPag (45 psig)
Skid Mounting where practical.
Machine performance data collection

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