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Oxair’s Proprietary Nitrogen Generators or Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Generator Systems, offer a highly-reliable, low-cost nitrogen supply alternative with savings of up to 50% over traditional supply modes.

Oxair has a variety of models available that can be altered to suit each customer’s application requirements. Standard models offer high flow rates nitrogen purities up to 99.99%.


Designed to Meet Your Needs:

  • Proven Nitrogen PSA technology produces highly reliable nitrogen supply at your site
  • Nitrogen purities from 95.0% to 99.99% for greatest flexibility and cost savings
  • Simple engineering with few moving parts means minimal maintenance, maximum reliability
  • Small footprint for compact installation
  • Microprocessor – (PLC) control system allows unattended operation and maintains highest efficiency
  • Low Noise levels. – Oxair Proprietary Low Noise Muffler Design
  • Economiser shuts system down during low demand to increase savings
  • High Cycle process valves provide high reliability with minimal maintenance
  • Actuators with 4 million cycles before maintenance

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