Desiccant Air Dryer

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A typical OXAIR Desiccant Air Dryer pays for itself in less than a year by reducing and eliminating maintenance costs and downtime. Clean, dry air makes your operation more productive.

At 24°C / 75°F and 75% relative humidity, a 500 SCFM/850 NM³/HR Air Compressor takes in about 340 litres of water in vapour form during a 24-hour period. The Compressor After Cooler Condenses about half the amount of water. As the air flows from the compressor into an Air Receiver and Air Distribution lines, it cools. The vapour condenses causing rust, scale, in The Air Receiver and ultimately leaks in pipes, valves, instruments, and air-operated tools and equipment. Moreover, when exposed to freezing temperatures, the moisture in airlines will freeze and restrict airflow.

As long as the compressed air is not exposed to temperatures below the temperature the air was Dried to in the desiccant air dryer, (the dew point temperature), no troublesome liquid will form in downstream air lines and equipment.

Dry air keeps pneumatic equipment running at peak efficiency and extends the service life of air tools, motors, and cylinders. Dry air allows pneumatic instruments, valves, and controls to operate reliably and helps ensure product and process quality.


Oxair Desiccant Air Dryers:

  • Electric or Pneumatic Control Systems Available
  • Electric to Pneumatic Control System conversions available on customer equipment
  • PLC Control with reliable HMI Touch Screen
  • Flows from 100 SCFM to 10,000  SCFM
  • 100 psi to 500 psi available
  • Certified Lifting Frames Available
  • Multi Stage Filtration system
  • Designed for consistent-pressure dew points  -40oC to -60oC
  • Eliminate water and freeze-up in low ambient temperatures
  • Come completely assembled, piped and wired, with a full charge of activated Alumina Desiccant
  • Only hook-up of utilities is needed for operation
  • AS-1210 or ASME V111 Stamped pressure vessels Available
  • Come with a SUPER QUIET MUFFLER (Oxair Noise Control)

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