Self Contained Membrane Systems

Valving Systems


Oxair Gases’ family of High-Capacity Nitrogen Membrane Systems meets the needs of large-volume customers. The systems use a proprietary high-capacity membrane fibre developed to minimise your electrical power consumption. Engineered for fast installation, low maintenance, and simple operation, these systems are an ideal supply alternative for a wide range of applications, with significant operational savings over liquid nitrogen tanks. Models are available to supply your high-volume requirements up to 5,000 M3/hr (170,000 SCFH with a range of purities up to 99.9%).


Containerised systems is a way of producing a readymade structure to hold the membranes that is:

  • Lift Rated
  • Easily transported
  • Gives easy access for maintenance
  • Lower cost than engineering, designing and building a structure to hold the membranes and compressor skid
  • Weather proof


Fully Mobile transportable Membrane systems:

membrane systems

The Diesel Compressor includes Power Generation.
Compressor slides out during operation and maintenance, and slides back inside the container for transportation

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