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Oxair manufacture Oxygen Tonnage Plants as per the latest technology and designs.

Proven worldwide these plants are PLC controlled and are inclusive of oxygen analyser.  Low power consumption air separation technology, Oxair Tonnage Plants offer high purity oxygen suitable for medical and industrial uses.

The Oxair Tonnage Plants are designed for applications requiring large amounts of oxygen, or to replace bulk liquid oxygen storage vessels.  Plants can be designed for outdoor or covered standard installations:

  • 5 Ton per day Oxygen PSA Plant
  • 7.5 Ton per day Oxygen PSA Plant
  • 11 Ton per day Oxygen PSA Plant
  • 15 Ton per day Oxygen PSA Plant

The images shown in the Product Gallery are used to inject Oxygen into a gold leaching process to improve Gold Recoveries and reduce Cyanide consumption.




  • PLC Control of all process valves and alarm functions
  • Integrated Oxygen Analyser fitted on Tonnage plants
  • Dew Point Analyser to measure content of moisture with Alarms to Protect Zeolite
  • All Electrically sensitive equipment are individually fuse protected
  • Power surge protected
  • Superior Internal screen design allows for less stress on Molecular sieve
  • Superior Filtration Package
  • Air treatment Package mounted on a common skid for ease of installation
  • Electronic Capacitive Sensor Auto Drains are fitted to all filters
  • Electronic Auto Drains linked to PSA Alarm functions
  • All Filters have D/P Gauges and Liquid Level site glass (Site glass not available on Pressure vessel Filters)
  • Filter D/P Alarm. If filters not changed when due
  • Electronic Liquid Moisture alarm fitted to PSA (Shutdown alarm)
  • Dual PSA Skid makes for smaller footprint and easier installation
  • Superior Stainless Steel valve design makes for lower maintenance
  • Superior Valve Actuators makes for lower maintenance (4 million cycles before maintenance)
  • All piping is welded hard piped sch-40 piping
  • Only flexible piping used is connected to Instrument Air for Actuators
  • Easy access to components for easier Maintenance
  • Superior Proprietary Muffler design for quieter operation on PSA and Desiccant dryers


  • Large Mist Eliminator Filter with Long service life on the Element
  • 4 Stage Coalescing filters
  • Desiccant Air Dryer for Super Dry Feed Air
  • Dryer Post Particle Filter
  • Electronic Auto Drains on all liquid Filters, and Mist Eliminator


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