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Proven Technology Oxair Gas Systems PRISM® Membrane Cabinet Systems use the membrane technology pioneered by Air Products and Chemicals Inc a leading innovator in gas separation technologies. We design, fabricate, supply and install throughout the World!

These nitrogen membrane systems feature specially-engineered separation modules containing hollow fibre membranes that selectively remove Oxygen, Water Vapour, and Carbon Dioxide from compressed air to efficiently produce nitrogen. Purity and Flow Rate can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Thousands of PRISM® membrane systems have been installed around the world.

 Designed to Meet Your Needs

  • PRISM® Membrane Systems reduce nitrogen supply costs over conventional supply modes
  • Proven proprietary membrane technology produces highly-reliable nitrogen supply at your site, replacing cylinders, Dewar’s, or tanks
  • Compact cabinets fit easily into existing facilities and simplify installation
  • Automatic Shutdown/Standby during low demand
  • Instant nitrogen generation upon connection to air supply
  • Simple design with few moving parts means easy operation, minimal maintenance and maximum reliability


Oxair Gas Systems family of Cabinet Membrane Systems is available with a number of standard and optional features to suit your particular needs for:

  • Future expansion capability in mind
  • Just add more membranes at a later date to increase flow
  • Variable Purity control (Standard)
  • Oxygen Analyser (Standard)
  • System Self Protection (Standard)
  • Robust Control System (Standard)
  • Fast Start up to deliver in spec nitrogen in minutes
  • System will deliver constant Purity and Flow within minutes of cold start up

From existing Plant Air supply or Dedicated Air supply

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