Specialised Membrane Systems

Control Systems Valving Systems


Oxair Gas Systems Engineering Team can design a specialised membrane system for any application.

  • Small to large flow rates
  • 316 SS Cabinets
  • Off Shore Applications
  • Harsh Marine Environments
  • Operating Pressures 7 to 24 Bar   ( 100 – 350 PSIG)



  • Simple Installation
  • Weather proof
  • Future expansion capability in mind
  • Just add more membranes at a later date to increase flow
  • Variable Purity control (Standard)
  • Oxygen Analyser (Standard)
  • System Self Protection (Standard)
  • Robust Control System (Standard)
  • Fast Start up to deliver in spec nitrogen in minutes
  • System will deliver constant Purity and Flow within minutes of cold start up
  • From existing Plant Air supply or Dedicated Air supply

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