Oxair Targets Indian Market With New Manufacturing Facility

September 21,2017

Oxair Targets Indian Market With New Manufacturing Facility

Oxair, a leading manufacturer of gas process systems, has launched a new manufacturing facility in India that can help save lives by supplying Australian-standard medical oxygen generators to hospitals on the Sub-Continent at local prices.

Teaming up with local specialist Agastya Aeroworks PVT Ltd, the company from Down Under has made a significant outlay in building and staffing the new factory in Chennai, which it sees as a sound financial investment as it will give Oxair a competitive edge by eliminating import duty in one of the fastest-growing healthcare sectors in the world.

Known as Oxair Gas Systems India, the company’s Indian manufacturing plant is already working on a new Medical Oxygen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system for a hospital in Delhi and has seen significant interest from other medical facilities in India.

India’s hospitals need a reliable source of oxygen to treat an increasing number of people, Oxair’s PSA units can safeguard against events like extreme weather and late deliveries where patients could be vulnerable to failing supplies.

Equipment manufactured at the plant will also help the country’s vast number of hospitals meet new regulatory requirements, that require every hospital to have an alternative supply of oxygen to help prevent the tragedies that have occurred recently where people have died on wards due to a lack of the life-saving gas.

To cope with expected demand, when working at full capacity, Oxair’s factory in Chennai will be able to supply 10 medical oxygen generators per month for customers, who will also be offered finance options to help spread the cost. A medical oxygen generator can pay for itself within three years and has a life expectancy of at least 20 years.

Instead of the removal and reliance of transporting in and handling of dangerous conventional cylinders, except as a back-up supply, India’s hospitals will have the opportunity to be self-sufficient in oxygen by accessing a more robust, reliable and economical means of providing the life-saving treatment to their patients.

James Newell, Oxair’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to announce that our new factory in India is up and running and is set to play an integral part in our future growth plans. Having a manufacturing base on the doorstep of the Sub-Continent gives us a huge competitive advantage in a massive market, while helping hospitals to deliver improved healthcare for patients in the country.”

Oxair’s generating system delivers constant oxygen of 94-95% purity through PSA filtration, a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank to be piped directly into to the hospital on demand.

Registered medical devices under ISO 13485, Oxair’s PSAs are fully compliant for use in all hospitals and healthcare facilities. Patients’ lives are dependent on safe and consistent delivery of the highest quality oxygen – hospitals in India can now find a cost-effective and independent solution for producing this life-saving gas.

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