Don’t Bottle It – Oxair’s Nitrogen Membrane Generators Lift the Bar

April 04,2019

Don’t Bottle It – Oxair’s Nitrogen Membrane Generators Lift the Bar

Oxair says companies deciding who to partner for their regular supplies of nitrogen can be certain of one thing – shipping in cumbersome cylinders or tankers is an outdated option now that revolutionary, onsite nitrogen membrane systems and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is available.

Nitrogen is used for displacing oxygen to prevent explosions in highly dangerous atmospheres, with companies often relying on the gas being transported in. This can prove expensive and logistically challenging for remote locations due to conditions on route and storage space, not to mention the health and safety risks for staff manually moving cylinders from one place to another.

In the heat of a mining operation, drilling for oil and gas or turning molten metals, being at the mercy of the supply chain for nitrogen cylinders or risk externally sourced cylinders or tanks running out at a critical time, are potential problems that operators working in hostile conditions can do without.

Generating nitrogen on site offers a more flexible, stable supply line and is more environmentally friendly, making redundant the need to swap full for empty cylinders, as well as providing other benefits such as easy installation, fast start-up, unattended operation and cost savings.

Suitable for a range of industry sectors, including mining, steel, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and automotive, onsite nitrogen membrane generators from Oxair can be customised to provide an efficient supply for a variety of volumes, purity requirements and usage patterns, especially if the demand fluctuates.

Onsite gas generation, involving membrane technology, uses compressed air forced through a polymeric hollow fibre to selectively permeate oxygen, water vapour, and other impurities out of its side walls while allowing nitrogen to flow through its centre and emerge as high purity N2 gas.

Oxair’s nitrogen membrane systems supply a range of volume requirements up to 5,000 M3/hr (170,000 SCFH with a range of purities up to 99.9%), delivering a constant flow of the high purity gas, while the compact design is ideal where space is an issue.

The PRISM® membrane system available from Oxair is ideal for larger nitrogen demands, especially in remote locations such as oil platforms and chemical plants. This technology can be used directly by the end user on demand, eliminating the need for cylinders, dewars or tanks.

Both membrane and PSA nitrogen generating technology are also environmentally friendlier methods of delivery by reducing the carbon footprint associated with having cylinders transported from an off-site facility and then the return journey when they are empty.

Companies will stock cylinders of nitrogen as emergency back-up vessels to meet specific needs, however customers moving to onsite generation can trust the kit from Oxair, a leading supplier of equipment noted for being among the most reliable, safest and efficient source of gas delivery.

CEO of Oxair, James Newell, said: “Companies have different demands but need to adapt to a dynamic marketplace and squeeze every cent out of production processes. Ensuring a constant supply of nitrogen is a crucial requirement for many industry sectors. Nitrogen membrane generators can safeguard supplies and help operators become self-sufficient in this important gas.”

Oxair is focused on meeting exacting customer requirements, reliability, ease of maintenance, safety, and plant self-protection. It is a world leading manufacturer of gas process systems, for shipboard and land-based use to suit any requirement.

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