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The poultry industry is required to make animals senseless to pain prior to killing.

There are strict regulations on the requirements, and equipment used to comply with these.

Normally for the purpose of “stunning” (rendering the animal senseless to pain) an electric stunner was and is used.

The animal is stunned by means of an electric shock that is passed through the body.

The method is approved but has many side effects on the quality of the meat and has many disadvantages recognised by the animal welfare organisations and the RSPCA.

A New development has been introduced and this applies stunning using certain gases.

Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Gas Stunning is very expensive and very slow and has many disadvantages as well as a high Carbon foot print.

Oxair / Anoxiatec has developed a way where the animals are stunned by creating an anoxic environment (Low Oxygen) and placing the animals in it.

Due to the fact that Nitrogen is a gas that has a lower molecular weight than air it is hard to contain in an area that requires to be open to provide the access, necessary to transport the animals through the stunner on a continuous basis.

Anoxiatec has developed a way to create the open “closed” chamber.

As contradictory it may sound, the chamber is open for transport devices to enter, but sealed for the gas avoiding escape of the N2 from the chamber.

N2 is a very large component of air (78%) and therefore readily available for use in this application, it merely needs to be separated from the Oxygen in the air.

Nitrogen is a large component of the air that is breathed in normally and therefore accepted without any rejection from the body (it is exhaled fully from the lungs without leaving any traces).

In an anoxic environment there is no Oxygen present that can be filtered and used for the functioning of the brains. (this normally happens in the lungs). The absence of Oxygen causes the brain to switch off within approximately 30 seconds from entering the anoxic chamber.

Because the nitrogen cannot be detected by the lungs as a hazard the brain does not register the coming effect of the lack of Oxygen.

Nitrogen stunning also works on:


  • Water Fowl
  • Ducks
  • Geese

Nitrogen Gas Stunning


  • Nitrogen is cheap to produce.
  • Does not pollute the air when it escapes.
  • Does not have a carbon footprint.
  • Works fast contrary to other gases which translate into short installations.
  • Using N2 reduces the running cost of the gas stunning.
  • Can increase meat production due to losses using other methods


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