Oxair’s PSA System Provides Major Milestone For Indian Hospital

June 27,2017

Oxair’s PSA System Provides Major Milestone For Indian Hospital

Oxair has supplied the North India state of Haryana with its first on-site Medical Oxygen Pressure Swing Adsorption System (PSA) at a hospital in Gurgaon, as a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable alternative to conventional oxygen cylinders.

The Australia-based company’s India agent Agastya successfully installed the oxygen production system, which generates oxygen directly from the atmosphere with purity of 93-95%, at the Aarvy Hospital, a medical facility that is regarded as being at the forefront of bringing affordable and improved healthcare to the people of Gurgaon.

A global manufacturer of advanced gas process systems, Oxair’s renowned PSA automated systems are high quality medical devices designed to last and deliver consistent, high purity oxygen to hospitals and healthcare facilities in even the remotest locations around the world.

Aarvy Hospital’s Proprietor, Dr Vikram Singh, described the commissioning of the oxygen plant, which cuts out the need for traditional gas cylinders, as a major event in the hospital’s history that will help deliver improved health care for patients in the region.

Dr Vikram Singh, said: “From our point of view commissioning of this oxygen plant is a significant milestone as it gives the hospital a more robust, reliable and economical means of providing life-saving treatment to our patients.

“To also have the real-time support of Oxair gives us immense confidence. The vision of Aarvy Hospital is to provide medical services to our patients with care and compassion, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Agastya to realise our future growth plans. We will continue to recommend them as a reliable partner to other hospitals and within our medical fraternity.”

Oxair’s PSAs are registered medical devices under ISO 13485, which makes them fully compliant for use in all hospitals and healthcare facilities. Patients’ lives are dependent on safe and consistent delivery of the highest quality oxygen and it is imperative that hospitals can find a cost-effective and independent solution for producing this life-saving gas.

Not only are in-built PSA units already bringing substantial cost savings and convenience for many hospitals in the Asia-Pacific region, but they guarantee that extreme weather events cannot leave patients vulnerable to failing supplies.

The PSA system delivers constant oxygen of 95% purity through PSA filtration. PSA is a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank to be piped directly to the end user on demand or used to refill bottles already in circulation.

Oxair’s units have already been installed in the Philippines, Tonga, Indonesia – as well as India and Africa – to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of oxygen, compared to the expense of shipping in traditional cylinders. The PSA system has helped deliver an increased level of good quality healthcare to patients in these regions.

Aarvry Hospital is the latest medical facility in India that now has oxygen on tap and can be released from handling unsanitary cylinders and being reliant on outsourced supplies. The systems Oxair are introducing will enable medical facilities to be self-sufficient in generating the purest of oxygen for years to come.

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